What is The Difference between Joomla and WordPress?

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What is The Difference between Joomla and WordPress?

According To WordPress and Joomla :

They are identified as content management systems for website creation and They are ranked among the most popular content management systems , But there are differences between the two that are mentioned briefly as follows .

WordPress :

The best option for beginners does not require experience to learn nor to modify the programming in a large percentage, it is very suitable for all ages Because of the simplicity of designing the simple and the easy and its many available features, it is suitable for small projects and  E-Commerce Applications and It is also very easy to install, uncomplicated and does not take long to do this .

Joomla :

Very excellent and is the best system for managing Large websites, E-Commerce and social media , But it is more complicated than WordPress to install , It requires an understanding of the basics and skills of technology and takes a long time , It contains several menus, which causes the programmer to be distracted if he is a beginner.


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