What is The Benefit of Freelance for Freelancers?

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What is The Benefit of Freelance for Freelancers?

–  Extreme flexibility where the Freelancers  determines the scheduling of time and determines the appropriate working hours for him and determines the work he accepts or rejects.

– Motivating the Freelancers to constantly increase his skills and learn new technologies due to the intense competition .

– Providing job opportunities for people with special needs, which is a major challenge for them, physical transportation.

– Reducing personal expenses – transportation – a nanny because the mother is with her children at home while doing her Freelance work. -Providing job opportunities for Freelancers who live in Far places or places where there are no job opportunities.


–  The possibility of building personal exhibitions for Freelancers  to display their previous works. – Canceling the movement process, its costs and the resulting traffic congestion, which in turn affects the condition of the person who will do the work. – Doing family reunification with the father at home and doing his job remotely.


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