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Verification Code :

Verification Code  Or  Verification Symbol it  Is an electronic code that consists of a set of numbers, letters, and symbols, and helps verify that a set of electronic operations are performed.It is also known as: a means of electronic security, which contributes to ensuring the validity of the data entered, and the identity of the user through access to the information that he previously stored, by using it for the verification code that he obtains through his personal phone, or his email.


Verification code is also used as a component of modern digital devices, especially in cases of technical  malfunctions in it, or theft and attempting to tamper with its contents, so telecommunications companies specialized in  mobile  networks have been keen to add a verification code to the lines that they issue to customers, so that they can use them in the event The SIM card has been temporarily suspended, or used incorrectly .

Also, most websites, electronic applications, and particularly those that rely on the idea of
​​social communication have become a feature of sending an electronic verification code after
registering for it, and this ensures full protection for both the website and the user of the
account associated with it, especially from impersonation crimes, or some People swindling,
scams using false names, and fake to deceive other users .


Verification code features:

There are a set of features of the verification code that are:

1- Proof of personal ownership of individuals and institutions.

2- Ensuring the personal identity of the user.

3- Documenting the electronic accounts with the names of their users.

4- Protection from any electronic penetration.

5- Providing confidence and minimizing the risk while doing e-business operations