The Hottest Job of the Future

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The Hottest Job of the Future

Today we live in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterised by data technologies and artificial intelligence that drive development in our industries. This has made the demand for experts in fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics increase and grows rapidly and the wages paid for these jobs are increasing in many countries.

Technology will create more jobs than it will eliminate. Just as there are jobs that will disappear, technology will directly contribute to creating new jobs. A third McKinsey report stated that a third of new jobs created in the United States during the past 25 years did not previously exist in areas including IT development, hardware manufacturing, application creation, and IT systems management as well as reported AI has replaced more than 800,000 low-skilled jobs in the UK, but there is strong evidence that it has also helped create nearly 3.5 million new highly skilled jobs, which pay around £ 10,000 extra a year out of those lost.

These new jobs come with the requirements of a new set of skills and levels of education that many low-skilled workers currently do not have. The lack of skilled workers needed at STEM is seen as a global problem that we are already facing in the near future. Growing demand is already very visible in the United States, as the most important jobs today include titles like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and Business Analyst.

In the world of robotics, there will be jobs in the fields of maintenance, control, programming, development, suppliers and organisers of robotic events. In the field of big data, there will be jobs in the fields of scientists, analysts, extractors and data controllers. In the field of self-driving, there will be jobs in the areas of employees in the leadership center and engineers in the field of smart roads and fields Maintenance and repair and traffic analysts. As for blockchain technology, there will be jobs in the areas of legislation, design, interface management, user experiences, and blockchain technology training.

In the field of 3D printing, there will be jobs in the areas of home architects designers, 3D drug makers, researchers, specialists, technicians, code developers, crypto developers, employees in the field of digital currency, bankers and managers of digital wealth.

In the field of Internet of things, there will be jobs in many areas such as alarm systems specialists and insurance experts on The data and specialists are modern devices

This is good news for individuals who already possess the requisite skills and experience, but it is also a huge challenge for our companies and communities. We need to bridge this gap in skills that are growing rapidly through the right education and positive attitude; so we will learn to embrace machines as our co-workers, and we will be able to take advantage of new opportunities that artificial intelligence technologies can offer us.


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