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Terms and Conditions for Employers

WorkNass.com is a global digital platform that anticipates the future of the job market and employment in the world through our website, Worknass.com. Many people want to work on their own terms and enjoy flexible schedules. Flexibility is not just about combining one’s personal and professional life properly. The growing demands against fixed, contracted employment is about being able to decide when you work and how much you work. Now, through our interactive platform, we harness innovation and technology to create an appropriate new ecosystem that connects job seekers from talented people, professionals, consultants and employers to limitless opportunities around the world. The main goal is not a commitment to an institution of work, but instead, is to enjoy what you do, and have the freedom to decide when you do it and being your own boss in your professional life.     

Where we enable the publication of profiles and the search for vacancies and opportunities for employment and search for them globally. Under this policy, we define and explain the purpose of processing data, persons who are allowed to communicate with data, and the conditions for communicating data to other persons. We also provide you with your rights regarding the processing of your personal data. By subscribing to the Workforce and creating your account and accepting these Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, you grant us your consent to process your personal data under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of data protection and confidentiality. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@worknass.com

Employer account on Worknass

You have to create a profile for yourself as an employer to start using the services provided by the WorkNass website. By registering, you required to accept the following terms and conditions. You are also allowed to create an Employer-Profile for your work in the WorkNass to use our related services provided that you are an effective employer and are eligible to enter into legal contracts independently under applicable laws. If you represent the employer as a legal person, you are allowed to create a job profile for the employer and use our services provided that such legal person has sufficient legal capacity per the applicable laws. Any representative acting on behalf of a legal person must have a legal authorisation to act on behalf of that legal person on his or her behalf. To avoid doubt, concerning the Employer's services and related rights and obligations and following the current terms and conditions, the legal party in WorkNass is the employer you represent. If a representative of more than one employer works, we may consider that any acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is an acceptance of all employers represented by the Representative

Use of WorkNass database data as an employer

Any business owner is entitled to use the data in the functional database available on our website to publish the employer's data on vacant posts to fill vacancies. But the Employer is not permitted to make extracts of or copy any part of the database or use the database for any commercial purposes. The employer is also not allowed to contact job seekers or other users of the WorkNass website for any purpose other than the actual interest in filling vacant positions. You are also responsible for determining whether the required job requirements are appropriate for use per applicable law.


In order to provide our services, we collect personal information about individuals. You agree to abide by and abide by the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy for this Workplace. This includes your obligation to perform or refrain from any action that allows us to respect the privacy of job seekers following the Privacy Policy and applicable laws, no matter what. We also allow you to use the personal data we collect for employee selection purposes. However, you may not collect, store or process personal data for job seekers in a manner other than those described in the Privacy Policy. To avoid suspicion, you are not allowed to collect personal data for job seekers to create your own workforce database. You must also delete all personal data relating to any person if you do not obtain approval from him. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable data protection laws to respect the privacy of job seekers about personal data processed through our services. You are not allowed to send direct e-mails to job seekers or other information not related to the vacant job

Job posting requirements

The publication of a work advertisement shall not contain the following:

  1. Misleading, unreadable or obscene keywords that have nothing to do with the offered business opportunity
  2. Names, logos or trademarks of companies other than the employer
  3. Names of countries or cities not related
  4. more than a description of a job, leading to inaccurate, false, or misleading information
  1. Materials or links to material that require personal information from anyone under 18
  2. Publishing words or phrases intended to cause a falsehood in the search results viewed by visitors to the WorkNass site

 7 - Dissemination of jobs in a manner that does not comply with applicable law

 8 - Publish the functions that require the Nationality of a particular country or permanent legal residence in a country as a condition of employment

  1. Publish posts that contain links to any sites competing with WorkNass
  2. Publish any job opportunity requiring sub-distributors or sub-agents
  3. advertise sexual services or find employees for jobs Nationality
  4. political agenda, political position or issue
  5. Dissemination of jobs requiring the job seeker to provide information on its origin (1) Ethnic origin (2) Political beliefs (3) Philosophical or religious convictions or any other reason Another can be considered illegal in applicable law.

-We reserve the right to refuse or remove any functionality that contains any of the items as mentioned earlier, which at the discretion of the Workforce do not comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions

Fees and payments

The professional services we offer to you as an employer are subject to fees posted on our Worknass.com website. We may also change the payment system or pricing structure of our services through any of your communications available to us or published on the WorkNass website. The new fee will be effective immediately upon announcement, and our fees will be due upon request. To avoid suspicion, fees are paid as a down payment upon request of a job. The VAT is added to the number of fees, if any, according to applicable law. In the event of a delay in payment, you must pay a delay interest rate of 1% per day for each day of the payment delay. Our fees must also be paid using the credit card payment service on the website provided by a third party. You agree to ensure at all times when using our Services that you have sufficient funds to cover all charges and other payments via your credit card. To continue the payment process, you as an employer must add special information to comply with the safety regulations for payment transactions. This data will be stored so that next time you can choose to use the stored card. Once we receive the due amounts, we will issue you a receipt.

Intellectual property rights

You agree to respect our intellectual property rights in the Site Database, its content and the software used to provide and facilitate the use of our Services, either by publishing or otherwise, you do not acquire any intellectual property rights and agree to transfer and permit us as soon as any Intellectual property rights created using our services. You agree not to use our materials for any services similar to the Workhorse website. To avoid any doubt, we are still the sole owner of the WorkNass database and by posting information on our site, you will not become a joint owner of rights. If you publish a name, logo or trademarks of your company when you submit a job, you as a result of this grant and use the User's Content to propagate the User's Content for publishing and promoting vacancies on the WorkNass website under these Terms and Conditions You acknowledge and warrant that you have the right to grant the license provided This section and User Content does not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party.

Linked sites and third party content 

Our site may contain links to other sites or services or to third party content. We do not endorse any of these linked sites or third party content, information, materials, products or services located on Linked Sites or accessible through you. Access to and use of Linked Sites, including information, materials, products and services on sites linked or available through our Site, is solely your responsibility. Your compliance with the terms of the third-party service created by the service provider in question is at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any of your violations of these Terms

Termination and deletion of your account

Your account and Employer-Profile will be deleted if you: -

 1 - have violated any of the posting requirements as outlined in these Terms and Conditions 2 - provided information that is moral, fraudulent, misleading or inaccurate such as information about your company

 3 In addition to the above, we reserve the right to discontinue the provision of services and terminate our legal relationship without any circumstances that belong to you. In this case, we will also store your data in our database for another (30) days before your data is permanently deleted and we provide you with a refund for any prepaid payments. In all other termination cases, the payments will not be refunded. To avoid doubt, once you've deleted your account, you can no longer use the services of a people's work platform as an employer or job seeker.

Limitation of liability

You assume full responsibility for any loss resulting from your use of our Services. We will not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special or consequential damages in any circumstances, even if they are based on negligence you have been issued through your use of our Site. We do not take any responsibility for advertisers, linked sites, or other users


You agree to indemnify us for any damage caused to us as a result of any losses resulting from your violations. You further agree to indemnify us for any losses arising from third party claims arising from any of your violations.

Use of your data for marketing purposes

When you accept the terms and conditions, you grant us as an employer the right to use your company name and brand for marketing purposes and advertise our services. Also includes our right to inform potentially interested dealers of the services provided to you by providing concise and essential information about our cooperation in any business or project