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Young in age but can do tasks very accurately. Interested in designing, editing, proofreading, using Microsoft office and inserting data.

We have about 50 Projects  For Writing on Word and Excel, We need Experience at Least 1 Years In office

Looking For Data Entry To Write Data on Excel and Word and Must Be at Least 2 Years Experience in Microsoft Office

We Have about 60 PDF  Files and We Need To Convert It To Word  with Out Any Errors .

Need Data Entry For Weekly Tasks on Word , Excel Must Have At Least 1 Years Experience

Required Data Entry  For Long Term Project , We need Experience at Least  One Year In Data Entry

Writer articles for my website compatible with search engines , Exclusive and non-copied content Writing in an interactive style, not journalism  

Converting a pdf book to Word is required. The number of pages of the book is 350 pages. The Result Word File Must Not Contains Any Errors.

I want to write exclusive and specialized articles that fit my site Please specify the number of articles, price and topics