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Panda sharma captures
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Hi i am Akash Sharma Videographer/editor having around 5years experience in this field in different industries e.g. Bollywood,Cinema,Netflix,webseries,advertising,product,corporate,fashion,travel.etc.

Licensed Videographer/Editor
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I am an award-winning videographer/editor licensed as a freelancer in the UAE. I have 5+ years of experience in the UAE working with top clients…

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I speak English, French, and Arabic. Specialise in camera work, writing, producing, and marketing. Outgoing individual with a vast skillset

Cinematographer/ Photographer

Looking forward for an project to work as Cinematographer/ Photographer.

Artistically and Passionately driven

An outgoing, loud, and ambitious Media/Event/ Marketing person, who has been working in the advertising/Marketing/Production industry/ Events for 7 years now. I am passionate about…

Motiongraphic Editor
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me’m a video editor & Motion graphics Artist me has +8 Years experience in dis field. Based In Dubai

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Ed is a Dubai-based camera operator, video editor and drone pilot, offering extensive services for the creative agencies across the UAE.