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Illustrasion, social media designer, illustrasion portrait, cartoonists

hi, I am a graphic designer who has more than 5 years experience in this field. I provide vector portrait, caricature, cantooning, shoe design, etc.

Digital Marketing | Clickfunnels | Ecommerce
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A dedicated, efficient, enthusiastic and pro‐active professional who has a relentless drive to have a broad impact on a company rather than just deliver results.…

Marketing Savvy
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Creative Licensed Business Marketer with 7+ years of experience creating solutions for businesses and freelancers. I Can help you create a Start-up plan, Planning social…

Project Coordinator / Sales Admin / Project Coordinator

Experienced Project Coordinator & Sales Admin with a demonstrated history of working in the trading/construction/supply & equipment industry. Skilled in Accounting, Payroll Processing, KYC, HR…

Senior Web Developer|Digital Media Expert|Social Media Expert

I am expertise in WordPress Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Cloud based Accounting and Data Entry Administrator