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Social Media Manager
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Hello, it is Asena and I’ll be helping you to reach your social media goals which are more engagements and more followers on your page.…

Media Production Professional
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I’ve worked in Broadcast Television, Independent Video Production, Cinema, Documentary Films, and various other media-centred positions. I’ve worked with government agencies, non-governmental agencies, and corporations,…

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I Will Help You Connect With Your Audience Using The Right Technologies And Techniques In Order to Develop Long-Term Sources Of Customer Acquisition And Revenue…

Marketing and Content Specialist
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– Marketing / Digital Marketing: Social Media management, Market research, marketing coordination, content creation (website and mobile apps content, presentations, marketing materials, short articles…) –…

Illustrasion, social media designer, illustrasion portrait, cartoonists

hi, I am a graphic designer who has more than 5 years experience in this field. I provide vector portrait, caricature, cantooning, shoe design, etc.