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Helping businesses digitally.
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I’m a Digital Strategist and I specialize in pulling together different skills to inform and create the big-picture. I nurture steady growth for businesses by…

Tierra Revives
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A platform by which I can share my thoughts, ideas insights, eternal feelings,small researches, findings,own opinions….and lot more. “Lets Kick-Start to breath new life into”.

Artistically and Passionately driven

An outgoing, loud, and ambitious Media/Event/ Marketing person, who has been working in the advertising/Marketing/Production industry/ Events for 7 years now. I am passionate about…

Public Relations Powerhouse

Houri Elmayan is a Public Relations Practitioner with over a decade of experience in the GCC representing some of the world’s most renowned companies including,…

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Entertainment media professional Production coordinator Location manager Talent acquisition specialist

Web Developer / Digital Project Manager / E-commerce Manager / Photographer