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WRITING is a voyage of Discovery
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Hi! I am Elegant, Professional and Experienced Business & Marketing Research Writer. I have been writing since 2017 working as a Researcher, Content & Article…

Regulatory pharmacist
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I am expert in data entry, documentation,pharmacy insurance, health insurance portal operations, expert in regulatory affairs

Media Production Professional
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I’ve worked in Broadcast Television, Independent Video Production, Cinema, Documentary Films, and various other media-centred positions. I’ve worked with government agencies, non-governmental agencies, and corporations,…

Data Entry Specialist
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To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self development and help me achieve…

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With a degree of Accountancy and a Certificate in Accounting and Finance, I am acquainted my self with a range of skills that would allow…

Your tagline goes here
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[5:42 PM, 9/16/2021] Christian Michael: My name is Christian Michael. I am a prolific author of more than 34 books with over 10 years of…

Doctor with Content
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Hello there ! I am a doctor with MBBS degree and currently practicing medicine besides being a doctor I have great interest and skills in…

Academic Writing & Research

I am a proficient academic writer with a Bachelors of Commerce degree and CPAs. I have extensive research skills in several academic areas and can…

Creative writer/editor/graphics
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Working professional as writer/designer/editor/ videographer working experience of 6 years in the industry