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SEO Strategist | Search Engine Optimization Expert

Already spent money on SEO that didn’t deliver? Not ranking as well in Google search results as you would like? Competitors with not great websites doing better than your property? I’m ready to help your website crush the competition, overcome the hurdles, and get a truckload of traffic. A three-step process is the best way to go:

⭐ SEO audit/action plan: An in-depth technical audit that will ensure that every ranking signal in your site aligns with up-to-date search engine algorithms. A prioritized action plan makes implementation easier for us.

⭐ On-page optimization: A detailed review of your on-page SEO side to ensure that it uses keywords appropriately and that your on-page copies are structured to clearly signal what your content is communicating to visitors.

⭐ Keyword Research/Content Development Strategy: This piece is to line up keywords with visitor intent. More importantly, it prioritizes keywords in content silos so that your property sends the right expertise and authority signals to search engines and visitors. This will take your SEO to the next level, and it will help provide a better experience for your visitors on site.

I’ve completed dozens of SEO projects for B2B/B2C websites, e-commerce, affiliate and entertainment websites. Verticals have included Martech, Adtech, Fintech, FMCG, IT service providers, Insurance, and business publications. I have worked on properties with 5 pages and properties with hundreds of thousands of pages, and everything in between.

Why Hire Me?

⭐ I get results

⭐ I bring a marketer’s perspective to SEO campaigns

⭐ I deliver superior work to my clients

⭐ I am meticulous

⭐ Clear communication with you so that you always know your project’s progress

⭐ I naturally understand the EU, US and CA consumers, your customers

⭐ I thrive on challenging projects


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