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Digital Marketing Manager: Google/Facebook Ads, Tag Manager, Analytics

✔ Top-line summary:

☆ Continuous 100% Job Success Rate
☆ Google Certified
☆ Facebook Marketing Certified
☆ Member of Upwork Talent Cloud
☆ Over 5 Years of experience in Digital Analytics and Advertising
☆ Proven Track Record

✔ Core services:

☆ Digital Marketing (Media Buying/Traffic Acquisition):
☆☆ Digital marketing strategy and consulting
☆☆ Paid media buying (traffic acquisition):
☆☆ Paid Search (SEM/PPC)
☆☆ Paid Social Media (Facebook & Instagram Ads)
☆☆ Programmatic media buying
☆☆ Display and Video
☆☆ Native ads

✔ Platforms: Google Marketing Platform (GMP), Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google Display Network (GDN) & YouTube, Facebook Ads; LinkedIn Ads

☆ Web Analytics:
☆☆ Tracking audit
☆☆ Data collection strategy
☆☆ Measurement implementation
☆☆ Tracking verification; troubleshooting/debugging
☆☆ Data analysis; actionable insights and optimization recommendations
☆☆ Data reporting and visualization
☆☆ Web+App measurement

✔ Platforms: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager; Data Studio; Google Optimize

I lead the boutique agency that helps small, medium and large-size businesses to design the digital data collection (analytics & measurement) strategy, online advertising planning and execution.

If you are looking for:

☆ Data-driven Digital Advertising Strategy
☆ Google Ads (PPC) Management (Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping Ads)
☆ Facebook and Instagram Ads
☆ Brand Positioning Evaluation and Marketing Strategy
☆ Brand Lift and Awareness Campaigns

☆ Data Collection Strategy
☆ Tracking Audit
☆ Tracking Implementation
☆ Google Analytics basic tracking
☆ Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
☆ Event tracking
☆ Advanced and customized tracking (any level of complexity)
☆ App tracking
☆ Web+App tracking
☆ Pixels Implementation (Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, etc.)
☆ GTM auto-events and dataLayer tracking
☆ GTM tags audit and cleanup
☆ Data Visualization
☆ Data Reporting and Actionable Analysis
☆ Conversion Rate Optimization


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