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A professional video design consisting of a set of images is required (I will send it) I will send the background music Previous work is required

Need some one To Create video  that advertise our products  

Required Video Animation For  advertising For  Our New  Products Please send Your Previous Work  with  the offer

I have a group of Images and I want To Make it A video with suitable Background Music Send Your Previous Work Please …

I need a freelance motion graphic designer He helps me write texts And video producer Work shall be at times specified by the freelancer There is free space in it…

I want a professional motion graphic video 30 seconds Affordable price, very professional work and timely completion. Add your price with the offer. thank you

Good Morning , I have opened a channel and I want to present works for children, teach programming, simple art, the numbers, the colors, etc., meaning educational matters

I need to draw and move a 3D character My order is 3d Please put the offer with price and models for previous work This job is not For Beginners

Hello. I want to create a video for one of the health products. I have a voice comment in advance. The video will not exceed 50 seconds

I want to add some power point slides to the video, merging the sounds, and simple editing