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Required Java Script Developer For Long Term Project and Must Be has Experience not less Than 2 Years In JavaScript

java  script  developer   required  for  remotely  job the  required candidate must  be  at least  2  years experience in java script  development

Want Desktop Application Like BeachTree and Must Contains Personnel affairs system with salaries for employees Exchange vouchers system and everything related to that Preferred To be Ready Made Please send…

WE Need MVC Online Instractor For Teaching Using Program Like zoom You Must be at Least one Year Experience in MVC and We Prefer to Be Developer

I want to Create  an Access program as an archive The home page consists of a search button for all information stored in tables The Add New Data button opens…

I need to make a store that visitors sell books to my store and for every visitor he can put his book on my store and And it is in…

zoom type live conference website development : our  site Is Developed using  asp.mvc  and  we need to Integrate  Zoom Live  conference on  it

Supermarket account management programming is required Put your offer and price up ..

Determines the quantity sold, remaining price, and profit It is available that I add new items at different prices Unlike the monthly reports, of course the incoming expenses can be…

I need help with design automation using python. urgent and long term work.