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The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the terms and conditions of use of this Site. is a global digital platform that anticipates the future of the job market and employment in the world through our website, Many people want to work on their own terms and enjoy flexible schedules. Flexibility is not just about combining one’s personal and professional life properly. The growing demands against fixed, contracted employment is about being able to decide when you work and how much you work. Now, through our interactive platform, we harness innovation and technology to create an appropriate new ecosystem that connects job seekers from talented people, professionals, consultants and employers to limitless opportunities around the world. The main goal is not a commitment to an institution of work, but instead, is to enjoy what you do, and have the freedom to decide when you do it and being your own boss in your professional life.     

Where we enable the publication of profiles and the search for vacancies and opportunities for employment and search for them globally. Under this policy, we define and explain the purpose of processing data, persons who are allowed to communicate with data, and the conditions for communicating data to other persons. We also provide you with your rights regarding the processing of your personal data. By subscribing to the Workforce and creating your account and accepting these Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, you grant us your consent to process your personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of data protection and confidentiality. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

As described above, we process personal data including (collect, store, save, distribute, use, make available, etc.) data using various techniques such as cookies, databases, and records. Please be aware that we do not collect any personal data about you that provided outside of our platform, but we use the data you have registered on your account. We only collect and process the following personal data: name, date of birth, location, work experience, professional skills, education, educational levels, contact information, identity, email address and other personal information related to your eligibility for employment. Please note that some personal information may be sensitive personal data, and therefore ask you to think about its privacy before deciding to make it available and registered on the site.

We also collect and process personal data for job seekers to match their data to the requirements of employers around the world for short or long term jobs. Based on your agreement to process your personal data, we direct the data to employers to determine whether the job seeker has the necessary expertise and skills to look for, make your profile and personal data available to employers, and start looking for a job. Click the appropriate button on your profile or your information will not be visible to employers. We use your personal information to create a profile for you. The process of making a personal profile is not an automatic decision that results in legal consequences for you or significantly affects your data as a student. You agree that we may evaluate your skills, experience, current location or other characteristics or skills and express our opinion of our preferences to employers. To provide our services, we may assess your suitability for a particular job, create opinions and evaluations that we provide to interested employers, and provide shortlisted services to employers that may relate to more personal data processing.

After you agree to the Privacy Policy, we may provide your employer profile even if you are not applying for the vacant position. For these purposes, you grant us the right to retain your personal data beyond any vacancy you have submitted. Your use of the Site indicates that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy and constitutes a legal obligation to all the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please stop logging in or reporting by sending a message to We may help employers, pre-check potential employees, where we may add some comments to your profile about why you feel you are the best. However, the final decision is always made by the employer.

We may also use personal data such as contact details to resolve any quality issues we provide to you. If you provide your social media profiles on your WarkNass account, we assure you that we do not store, collect, or analyse your social media data, and we do not process your social media data unless you allow us to do so. It is your responsibility to clarify any misuse of social media data. Personal data only disclosed to employers who have joined the Workforce. The personal profile and other personal information is not provided outside the Windows Live Platform and does not permit the indexing of data by search engines such as Google.

For purposes of improving and developing the customer experience when using the platform, we track the activities you perform on our site and disclose some of your personal data to the web analytics system and track applicants and other service providers. For example, we track your activity concerning the links you click on our site (including links to third party sites), and we also use email tracking to understand whether you've received our messages. Web analytics providers analyse your use of the platform and services provided by WorkNass so that we can improve and modify how the website and platform work. Information obtained or collected may be disclosed directly by providers of such services and other relevant third parties that use this information, for example, to evaluate the use of the Services, assist in the management of the Services and diagnose technical issues. As well as the applicant tracking system, an application that allows the institution to collect and store candidate data and related functions and to track and monitor the candidates' process throughout the recruitment process.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, you also understand and agree that when disclosing your personal data, your use of our Services may involve the transfer, storage and processing of your personal data to other countries. We will take appropriate measures, by applicable laws, to ensure the protection of your personal data. If you have any questions about transferring your personal data to third parties, please contact our support team at Only authorised personnel can access your personal data and can only access data to resolve issues associated with the use of our services. By applicable law, we may transfer, process and store personal data in reputable cloud databases and reserve the right to change the cloud service provider at any time without prior notice.

We reserve the right to change the contents of the Site, including the Privacy Policy at any time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the new updates by regularly identifying the contents of the website to ensure that you are aware of any changes. The latest version of this privacy policy will be posted on our site and all previous versions deleted. Following up on your use of this site after posting any changes is a confirmation of your acceptance and acceptance of the new privacy policy

Direct marketing, messages and newsletters

We usually only use your email address to send you some relevant notifications about our services related to your use of the Services, including important updates and other changes. Upon your consent, we may also use your email address to send out our newsletters and special offers, including special offers from our partners and employers that may provide benefit to you. You may opt-out of receiving direct marketing emails at any time. If you no longer like to receive these functionality suggestions, please click the (unsubscribe) link in the footer of our email. When sending our notifications about our services and providing you with our newsletters and special offers, we track your reaction and activity regarding notification and messages. For example, we collect information about when you read our messages and whether you have also opened any attachment. We do this only to understand any information that is important to our users to help us determine the type of information and services we need to provide you in the future that is important to you and what information you do not have enough attention too.

Your rights under the Privacy Policy and delete your account and personal data

You can request information about the personal data we process about you (personal data report) and send requests to correct any of your incorrect personal data. You may also dispute our data processing if you find that we process your personal data or portions of your personal data that violate your rights. After you make your profile available in our database, you are entitled to restrict any employer access to your personal account and personal data using the relevant buttons in your account. Under applicable laws, you may withdraw your consent to this Privacy Policy at any time or dispute the processing of data by us under this Privacy Policy. Doing so may, at our discretion, terminate our services to you without any obligation to us under the Terms and Conditions or the liability. Towards us. Withdrawing your consent is the termination of your account in our platform. You can also submit an individual request to delete your account, in which case you confirm that you withdraw your consent to process your personal data. In these cases, we will contact you within seven (7) days to clarify your actual intent. Once confirmed, we will permanently delete your personal data and account within thirty (30) days. If you send us a request for your information within the 30-day period, we will send the information to your contacts within a reasonable time under this paragraph. You exercise your rights if you feel any violation of your privacy rights so please contact us at support @WorkNass. Com

Intellectual property rights of the site

The contents of this site including, but not limited to, text, graphics, images, logos, and links are the property of the enterprise and protected by copyright, the enterprise having all copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual and other proprietary rights in the information and services received in this site in any way. The site team strictly prohibits any unauthorized use of any information, services, materials, and proprietary rights contained in this site. The site team has a specific policy and procedures for maintaining information security and preventing unauthorised use of the information. The WorkNass team is entitled to take such measures as it deems appropriate to protect this information from any change, loss or misuse to ensure that this is not possible


We may place temporary or permanent cookies while you browse, including third-party cookies, on your computer, and use similar techniques to understand your interests based on your activity by browsing the Internet, distinguishing you from other users, more ads related to you. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your hard drive utilising a Web site. Cookies also help us monitor and improve the functionality and use of our website. We use cookies for jobs, ad sessions, and analytics. You can also delete or block cookies through your browser settings at any time. However, some cookies may be necessary for platform or service functions, so you should be aware that when cookies are blocked or deleted, some service features may not work correctly. For more general information about cookies, please see

Terms and definitions

Service: - means which the website and the applications of the Worknass for mobile phones operated by Worknass

General Site Services: - means all services, applications and products accessible by any visitor to the Site whether or not he becomes a user of the Site

Personal data: - means data relating to a person who can identified through such data (or from such information and other information in our possession or likely to be in our possession).

Usage Data: - Data collected automatically either by use of the service or by the same service infrastructure (e.g. page visit duration, language, font size, display preferences)

Cookies: - are small pieces of data stored on your computer (computer or mobile device).

Data controller: means a natural or legal person who (whether alone, collectively or jointly with other persons) determines the purposes by which any personal information is processed and processed.

Data processor: - Data processor (or service provider) means any natural or legal person who processes the data on behalf of the data controller.

Data User: - Anyone who uses our service is the subject of personal data

User Content: - means any comments, observations, data, content, text, images, videos, music or other information that you or any visitor of a site or user publishes to any part of the Site or offers to WorkNass, including Information published as a result of questions and inquiries.

Intellectual Property Rights: - All patent, copyrights, moral rights, publicity rights, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property rights that may be present or added in future, and thus all applications and registrations, renewal and extension