Mohammad Assaf

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Computer and Communication Engineer and Software Developer

During my study, I have established a strong background on programming, computer and telecommunication, which covers the major aspects of Mobile Application Development, Web Programming, Robotic Programming, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Cryptography, Image Processing, Digital and Analog Communication, Wireless and Mobile Communication (2G, 3G, 4G), Fiber Optics, Network Architectures (IP networking), Digital Signal Processing…

Moreover, I have done many practical works. “Car Wash” android application that help the customer to wash his car without the necessity to get out of his home. “MoeSys” desktop application as accounting system. “Online Store” Xamarin.Forms application which is work on both iOS and Android devices. “Fast Delivery” application which is similar to Online Store application with some additions like user/store location… “400 Game” Xamarin.Forms application with great animation. “SMART SCOOTER” as Bachelor’s final project inside my university which dealt with web interface, Android application, and a microcontroller “Arduino”. “SMART CAMPUS” as Master’s thesis project which is an IoT technology and data science development, to increase the efficiency of buildings and common spaces inside the campus using LoRa private network.









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“Cars Wash”(Android Application)

  •  Freelance
  •  Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

“Cars Wash” project divided into two android applications: the first app for customer and the second one for employer. The goal is to help the customer to wash his car without the necessity to get out of his home. ✓ Write java and XML codes beside some additional dependencies using “Android Studio” to achieve the desired goal. ✓ Connect to “Cloud Firestore” database and “Firebase Storage” to add washing services, customer orders... Use “Firebase Authentication” to allow users tosign in to the app. ✓ Use SQLite as a local database to store some information on the user device. ✓ Use the network location provider and GPS location provider to measure the distance between the customer and the store to assign service fee.

“MoeSys” accounting system (WPF Application)

  •  Freelance
  •  May 2020 - Jun 2020

“MoeSys” accounting desktop application to manage any of Commercial stores, schools, public and private institutions. ✓ Write C-sharp and XAML codes beside some DLL libraries and NuGet packages on Visual Studio 2019 to achieve the desired goal. ✓ Connect to Microsoft SQL server then create a local database to insert, update, delete, and read: products inside repository, sold products, categories, customers, employees, Invoices, premiums paid… ✓ Print invoices, a sales record, premiums paid, barcodes, store products. ✓ Build a Barcode system to make the selling process easier where the PC camera used as a barcode scanner. ✓ Use an Automatic Backup and Recovery technique for the database to avoid information loss.

OnlineStore (Xamarin Cross-Platform Application)

  •  Freelance
  •  Mar 2020 - May 2020

The project divided into two mobile applications: “OnlineStore” app used by the customer and “OnlineStoreController” app used by the employer. ✓ Write a unified code inside “Xamarin.Forms” project that’s run on both iOS and Android platforms using C-sharp and XAML languages to achieve the desired goal. ✓ Use Firebase to upload, download, update, and delete products/customers on both apps. Also, to push notifications to users and customers. ✓ Use the SQLite to store some information locally on a user device

Fast Delivery (Xamarin Cross-Platform Application)

  •  Freelance
  •  May 2020 - Feb 2020

“Fast Delivery” project. It has a similar concept of the OnlineStore application with some additions: ✓ Use GPS to determine the distance between the customer and the specific store to assign a delivery fee. ✓ Use OneSignal Cloud Messaging to push notifications to customers.

400 Game (Xamarin Cross-Platform Application)

  •  Freelance
  •  Nov 2019 - Dec 2019

“400 Game” mobile application: ✓ A new card game that has a beautiful interface and great animation.

Smart campus (IoT)(Master Thesis)

  •  Lebanese International University
  •  Oct 2018 - Till Now

Smart campus (IoT): ✓ Deploy a group of nodes (each node with Microcontroller and sensors) in different places at the university campus to collect some data. ✓ Connect each node with a LoRa transceiver device to send the collected data to a single gateway with a range up to 10km, a high-security level, and lowpower consumption. ✓ Forward the gateway data to a local server on the PC, then to a web interface to display the collected data on graphs. ✓ Use the collected data to increase the efficiency of buildings and common spaces, and improve staff and student health.

Smart Scooter (prototype)(Bachelor’s Project)

  •  Feb 2017 - May 2017

Smart Scooter (prototype): ✓ An Android application using Android Studio to drive scooter via Bluetooth connection ✓ A microcontroller inside the smart scooter that can communicate with android application ✓ Database and Web Interface to view the track and temperature of this scooter


Masters degree in Communication and Computer Engineering

  •  Lebanese International University
  •  Sep 2017 - Jun 2019

Bachelor’s degree in Communication Engineering

  •  Lebanese International University
  •  Sep 2013 - Jul 2017

Master of Engineering in Communication and Electronic

  •  Beirut Arab University
  •  Sep 2019 - Jul 2020